The story of Taste of Nepal is simple. What was, still is; an undying passion for food, a strong belief in the experience of dining and a team driven by love. Having learned to cook from my mother in Nepal I moved to India to train as a professional chef. Necessity brought me to Adelaide in 1988, leaving behind my family of a devoted wife and two young boys. Over the next decade and a half I worked in various Indian restaurants, opened Adelaide’s first Nepalese restaurant and spread the warmth of Nepalese food in this quaint city. For me food has been about being innovative and authentic: freshly ground spices and the art of blending these spices into new dishes. Having been raised in Nepal where guests are regarded as Gods, running this restaurant has always been about service for me. The satisfaction I get from cooking a meal for you can compare to nothing else in the world. And today, by choosing to dine with us you have become a part of the story of Taste of Nepal.